Conquest Off-Road Trailer

One of the most popular divisions of South African leisure camping market is the off-road trailer. These rugged wagons provide several advantages to outdoor fanatics. They are commonly lighter, more affordable and tougher than caravans, and also easy to tow.

Our off-road trailers are designed to be a complete package, ready to go. It comes standard with all the practical features off-road enthusiasts look for in a trailer. Although it is possible to hire an off-road trailer and equip it yourself, an advantage of having it done for you by our specialized engineers is that you benefit from the experience accumulated by us over the years; and we will be able to pick all the subtle elements that you may not be able to pick up saving you the inconvenience.

Our Trailers come stocked with:

  • Large bed with additional side room
  • Awning all round with sides
  • Lots of storage space including drawers
  • Side kitchen unit with ample work surface
  • 60L Slide out fridge unit
  • Kitchen packing space
  • 12V Hella outlets all round
  • Fully equipped with all kitchen utensils
  • 2x 5kg gas bottles, including cooker top and gas light attachment
  • Quick tent set up time
  • Low set water tanks 80L
  • 2x Jerry Cans, spare wheel, axe and recovery equipment
  • Nose cone for additional storage

*Actual vehicle and equipment set-up may differ from image*